Behind the Ruins: An apocalyptic tale


If the world really “ended”, who would survive?

Behind the Ruins is a realistic look at a near-future SF setting, focusing Grey, a man who survived by becoming the very thing that killed his family in the early days of a global disaster. As the story advances Grey has to leave his self-imposed solitude and face down an old friend’s forces that threaten his home. His coming to terms with his own past is as important as the conflict with his opponent, and in facing those memories he finds a path to both his own future and that of the slowly healing world.

A novel that reminds me of the bastard child of The Road and the Reacher books of Lee Child, with a little Melville on top.

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From Authonomy reviews:

    This is a very well written piece that drags you in from the start. I’ve read a few post apocalyptic works, and this is genuinely the first the I’ve wanted to read more of. (To be honest, this is not really my genre and I put down Cormack McCarthy after a couple of chapters) However, I found your dialogue authentic and the pace sharp.
6 stars
–Mark – Hellion 2

    Behind the Ruins is great … The more of Grey’s character that is being revealed the more I like him. High stars from me.